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How do I buy a .lk domain? Step-by-Step Guide - with
(in 5 easy steps)

How to buy a .lk domain

Step 1 - Search for your domain name in our site
Search for your domain name in our site

You can go to this link or search from

If your domain is available you can select any package you want and add it to your cart.
The domain is now in the cart

Step 2 - Check out with your domain name

After adding your domain name into your cart, you can go to checkout from the Checkout button.
Go to Checkout

Now you'll get a popup like this regarding the .LK policies
A popup is shown

To register your .LK domain name, you need to submit the domain owners information and a letter agreeing to the .lk domain policies.
We'll get back to this later after the domain purchase.

You can click Accept after reading the popup and then you'll be asked to Register or Login to your account again.
You can Login to your account if you already have a account, else you can go to Register and create a new account.

After logging in you'll be redirected to this page. From here you can select your payment method, read and accept the terms and conditions and Proceed to Checkout

Select payment method

Step 3 - Purchase your domain name

Now you'll be redirected to here, the invoice / quotation.

If you selected bank transfer as the payment method like I have here, you can get our bank details from here,

This is an invoice

You can also change the payment method of the invoice from here
How to change the payment method in the invoice
Step 4 - Settle the invoice

Now you may settle the invoice to purchase the domain.
You can click the Pay Now button to make the payment if your payment method is PayPal, VISA, Mastercard or AMEX
**If you are paying via bank transfer, make the transfer and send us the trasfer receipt via a ticket to verify the payment.

Congratulations! Now you are the owner of your domain

Now, you need to submit the details of the domain owner and a letter agreeing to the .lk domain policies to register your domain
Step 5 - Send Domain Owners details

After the purchase was made, you'll get a ticket and an email requesting for the domain owners details.

You can go to your account > Support > Tickets and check the ticket we sent you requesting for the domain owners details
You may go the link in the ticket and send us the domain owners details and the letter agreeing to the .lk domain policies.
The ticket that you'll receive

Congratulations! You have successfully bought the .LK domain that you have been dreaming of!

***Also note that since this is a .LK domain, it can take up to 0-2 business days to complete the domain nameserver propagation process.
You'll receive an email from the .LK domain registry after the propagation proccess is complete.

As you can see, you can buy a .LK domain easily with