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Revolutionizing Web Hosting in Sri Lanka
- Introducing Our New Global Anycast DNS Service

- Over 50 Anycast DNS Locations and Expanding -

As Sri Lanka's Top-Rated Domain and Hosting Provider, is proud to unveil our latest advancement in web hosting technology: The Global Anycast DNS Platform. This cutting-edge service is engineered to 3X website loading speeds by minimizing DNS-related delays, enhancing the performance of your website hosted under .lk domain or any other domain.

What's Anycast DNS?

Anycast DNS is a modern approach to handling internet queries. Unlike traditional DNS where requests are sent to a single, specific server, Anycast DNS routes these requests to the nearest available server in a global network. This means faster response times, as the data has less distance to travel. It's also more reliable; if one server is down, the system automatically reroutes to the next closest one. This efficiency and redundancy make Anycast DNS a superior choice for website performance and uptime.

This method significantly cuts down latency, ensuring your website remains accessible and fast, particularly during partial network disruptions.

Anycast DNS vs Traditional DNS

Traditional DNS solutions direct all traffic to one server, potentially leading to bottlenecks. Our Anycast DNS service, however, disperses multiple servers across the globe, all sharing the same IP address. This setup allows the system to route incoming DNS queries to the nearest server, enhancing speed and efficiency - a vital factor for websites targeting a global audience. This architecture also enhances resilience and redundancy, as traffic can be rerouted to another server if one is compromised, ensuring continuous availability.

Performance Metrics: A Comparative Overview

We've rigorously tested the Anycast DNS against traditional DNS systems across various global locations. The results are compelling, showing significant improvements in response times, indicating faster website loading times for your .lk domain or any TLD.

Key Advantages of Our Anycast DNS Platform

Accelerated Page Loads: Reduced response times translate to faster loading of your website, providing a better user experience.

Enhanced Reliability: The distributed nature of Anycast DNS means that even if one server faces issues, your website stays up, thanks to automatic rerouting to other servers.

Scalable Performance: Anycast DNS can handle more traffic without the risks of slowdowns or crashes, perfect for high-traffic eCommerce sites and popular blogs.

Robust DDoS Protection: By distributing traffic across multiple servers, Anycast DNS mitigates the impact of DDoS attacks, ensuring your site's resilience against such threats.

Getting Started with Anycast DNS

Migrating to Anycast DNS is straightforward. Update your domain's nameservers to our Anycast nameservers. That's it! This process ensures full benefits of the Anycast DNS platform. Reach out to us by submitting a support ticket to obtain the " Anycast Nameservers" for your hosting package(s).

Flexibility for Existing Customers

While we recommend transitioning to the Anycast DNS for optimal performance, it's not mandatory. But we're in the process of updating our server nameservers soon, so it's advisable to switch to the new NSs to prevent any DNS discrepancies. Plus, it's a superior option - so why not make the change?

Yet another masterclass in web hosting innovation from
Sri Lanka's #1 Domain and Hosting Provider.